Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Total English Pre-intermediate DVD English Egitim Videolari İndir Ogren

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Total English Pre-intermediate DVD
Boyut: 864 MB

This is DVD (is converted to AVI) + transcript for Total English Pre-intermediate. Total English Pre-intermediate is the ideal choice for teachers who want a well-organized course with clear learning aims and a wide range of authentic supplementary material. Self-study DVD provides authentic, entertaining material from film and TV.

There are units:
Unit 01 London
Unit 02 Summer Holidey
Unit 03 Jamile Oliver
Unit 04 Surviving in The Sahara
Unit 05 On Golden Pond
Unit 06 Arround the World
Unit 07 Carry on Doctor
Unit 08 Speed-Dating
Unit 09 The Interview
Unit 10 The Volwes
Unit 11 Gill’s Wild World
Unit 12 The Ledykillers
Unit 13 The End

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